Costa Rica Equine Welfare looks to improve the lives of the working equids throughout the Central American country of Costa Rica. Faithful, hard-working horses still provide some families sole income from their hard work in agriculture, tourism and transport. Aswell as training service providers in our programme areas, our main goal is help horse owners understand their horses´needs so that they can live a long healthy life and be able to fullfill the needs of their families.



Our Mission

We want to create a positive and sustainable change both through education and training to horse owners, and by involving as many local organisations, institutes, groups or individuales that want to join us on our mission.



C.R.E.W have partnered up with the University of Costa Rica on certain projects. Here is a group of Animal Science students giving a talk on the importance of nutrition to a group of horse owners within the Ngabe (Guaymi) Indigenous reserve .



And as the children are the horse owners of the future we believe it is very important to include them in our programme and try to involve them through interactive activities during the visits into the communities.